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Yàssu Vegan is a complete menu of Greek cuisine, an alternative view of the Mediterranean culinary Eden.

The author's commitment is focused in offering a healthy menu without using animal products; the choice of dishes is based on the immediate availability of products even for those who live far from the Mediterranean area; the graphic of Yàssu Vegan is simple and straightforward, designed to guide our cooks in the fascinating world of the Greek flavors.

The author is an Italian and modern Greek teacher. Sport and healthy living has created these vegan Greek cuisine menus to promote and promote abroad alternative dishes of her country.

The secret of longevity lies in eating healthy,
and Greek cuisine has much to offer.


4/5 (5 Reviews)

Marianna and Armando

"Yassu vegan" in greek means, “hello to you vegan”! Nothing better than the title can express the feeling that lies behind this recipe. Browsing through it you can feel the authenticity and power of vegan simplicity ... I advise you to try the spanakopita, also excellent served cold and ideal for a picnic lunch!

Angelo Salamanna

The books are bought sometimes for the curiosity that teases. Perhaps I have a soft spot for anything that tastes of greek, but if I may borrow the words of a réclame I would say: "I would buy anything from Efi without having to see it first"

Raffaele Gaeta

The recipes are explained simply and clearly, and the excellent graphics are well-kept but serious; this book is an essential little jewel for our culinary library. It is a book that becomes soiled by flipping pages with dirty fingers while you are cooking, therefore I can only say you must purchase!

Daniela Pisanos

This recipe is a great tool for those who love Greece, the Hellenic cuisine and for those who wish to prepare dishes without using animal products. Simple and light recipes that go beyond the usual Greek dishes that is usually spoken of.

Enrico Adami

The other side of Greek cuisine, the everyday diet, made of original and traditional foods, that taste of Mediterranean family flavor. The dishes are excellent, the maïdanosalata is addictive and so good, the fagiolata is tasty and satisfying, the halvas is delicious and one bite leads to another. But this is not all: it is vegan. And this will enable all nostalgics of Greece to vary their diet, not only with moussaka or a souvlako!

Efi Miskedaki

Teacher, author, athlete ...

Healthy living is the biological, psychological and social balance. Eating well and being happy makes life what it should be, a gift.

I like the balance, in every sense. Eating healthily but without giving up the little sins, to do a lot of sport but without feeling guilty when for some reason I can not. In short, live a life where some small transgression can balance my happiness.

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A great start to discover the greek vegan cousin.

Meet the author

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Insegnante, Traduttrice ed Autrice.